Get to Know Us

Carol Washington portrait.

Carol Washington

I joined the Holiday Soul Nutcracker Market journey at the invitation of co-founder, Samantha Townsend. 
I have always loved celebrating Christmas. When Samantha reached out to share the idea of starting a Christmas market, my radar went through the roof. I was excited at the thought of providing an opportunity for small entrepreneurs of color to sell their products and services in one location in celebration of the holidays.

Our team has great energy and a depth of experience like no other. I am looking forward to continuing to grow the market as a platform for economic growth and opportunity.

Elmer Rogers

I have been involved in event planning and with non-profit organizations for a significant portion  of my career. When I was approached by co-founder Carol Washington, I thought what a perfect  opportunity for me to continue the work I started.

Christmas is a time of celebration for many in communities of color, however, not for everyone. Launching a Christmas shopping market for small businesses provides multiple levels of  economic opportunity. Many entrepreneurs provide quality products and services.  The Holiday  Soul Nutcracker Market provides a captive audience for displaying their excellence. This is a  concept that I have advocated for, developed, and sponsored as a professional event planner.

Elmer Rogers portrait.